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Incorporating Ace Surfaces Norfolk
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Chipped and damaged baths and showers

Our repair specialists not only work on new build properties, but carry out repairs working for the largest hotel chains on refurbishment and maintenance projects.

During the shutdown we have been able to work in one or two hotels while no guests (and virtually no staff) are present. We repaired damaged furniture, doors, tiles and bathroom fittings have all been carried out.

The accompanying pictures are of repairs to a shower tray in a 5 star hotel. A customer had dropped a heavy object creating a chip on the edge of a shower tray. Our technician filled the damaged area and sanded the filled area until it was absolutely smooth. Specialist resins were then colour matched ready to be administered to the repaired area of the shower tray. After keying the surface and applying a bonder, the technician then used an air brush to create a new finish. This blended in the damaged area into the rest of the surface. The end result is an undetectable and durable repair.

Shower tray repair at Andaz Hotels Liverpool street Before
Shower tray repair at Andaz Hotel Liverpool Street complete

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