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Kitchen Door Spraying For Lasting Results

Should You Go DIY Or Professional When Refinishing Cabinet Doors?

Although it can be tempting to tackle a kitchen cabinet door renovation process yourself, is it possible to get a good finish? Or is a professional kitchen door spraying service more likely to achieve better results?

A DIY Approach

Take a walk down the aisle of your local B&Q or other home superstore and you will be struck by the huge number of paints available. From generic silk, matt and gloss paints to those labelled as ‘kitchen and bathroom’ paints, the choice is huge.

The problem is that most of these paints simply aren’t able to deliver a quality result that will last for years to come. Another issue is that using a brush or roller to apply paint usually means the finish is thicker than it should be. That often leads to the paint chipping easily. Even worse, it can start to peel off over time.

Kitchen cabinet doors come under a lots of abuse, especially the ground level ones that are continually being bashed or brushed by legs. Not to mention clumsy children in many homes. Remember also that kitchen cabinet doors need regular cleaning. The frequent wiping motion can be surprisingly aggressive on paint unless it is designed for such conditions – and applied properly.

Professional Kitchen Door Spraying

All the above factors mean it is very likely that if you paint your cabinet doors with these off-the-shelf products, pretty soon the finish will start to deteriorate. Refinishing Touch do things the right way, removing your cabinet doors and spray painting them at our purpose-designed facility.

We provide a professional end-to-end kitchen door spraying service that can transform the look of your kitchen. As well as painting cabinet doors, we can also paint the cabinets themselves to match. It is an end-to-end service, from advising on colour choices and supplying samples, right through to applying a high-quality, durable finish.

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