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Incorporating Ace Surfaces Norfolk
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Commercial Refurbishment

Restore your commercial premises to their former glory with commercial resurfacing by the Refinishing Touch

The Refinishing Touch provides sustainable and environmentally sound solutions for helping hotels, restaurants and leisure facilities renovate and update existing furniture pieces preventing valuable assets being sent to the landfill.

The objective of The Refinishing Touch is to save your business money, by reducing the amount of replacement furniture items you need to purchase
The Refinishing Touch’s market leading and innovative furniture refinishing solutions can extend the life of your assets. With a balance of on-site and workshop based solutions for Furniture Refinishing, the Refinishing Touch can significantly reduce downtime and disruption.
Our renovations are environmentally sound – all finishes are clean, non-toxic and non-flammable allowing for safe on-site furniture refinishing. The Refinishing Touch can help you save up to 70% of the cost of new furniture by refinishing your existing furniture assets..
Additionally, the Refinishing Touch provides solid surface repairs including stone, glass, enamel, ceramic and laminate.

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