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Bath and Shower Tray Repairs

Unsightly chips and scratches repaired undetectably by The Refinishing Touch

Durable Undetectable Repairs

During installation, or in the course of regular usage, baths and shower trays can easily be chipped or scratched. Heavy items such as shower heads, when dropped, will chip bath or shower tray surfaces. The technology exists to create a durable repair that once it is colour matched will blend seamlessly into the bath or shower tray’s surface. Using specialist bonding technology, a new finish will be fused to the original surface, creating an as new look, and provide years of service.

Suitable For A Variety of Finishes from Enamel to Acrylic

There are a wide range of materials that are used in the manufacture of baths and shower trays. Enamel traditionally has been used on old cast iron or more modern pressed steel baths tubs. The enamel is baked onto the bath’s surface. The surface is finally polished it create a smooth finish. This surface is susceptible to becoming damaged and will chip if heavy objects are dropped onto it. In repairing the bath enamel, the surface is carefully prepared, filled and then sanded using progressively finer grades of wet and dry sandpaper to create a beautifully smooth surface. Once a bonder is applied, a new finish can be applied using an air brush.

Bath and Shower Trays We do bathrooms too!

Specialist Trade Only Coatings

The specialist coating is colour matched so that the new finish blends in perfectly into the original surface. Once the new surface has hardened, the repaired area can be polished if there is a hint of any roughness. Much the same process can be used for stone resin shower trays. Acrylic baths, normally strengthened by fibre glass, are also in common use. Gouges can easily be repaired in much the same way as for enamel. Cracks can also be repaired provided the technician can get to the back of the shower tray or bath. He will apply a new fibre glass coating to strengthen the surface and lessen its flexibility.

Improved Colour Match and Durability

Don’t be fooled by DIY scratch, chip or bath repair kits; the clue is in the price. Not only will the repair stand out due to colour and sheen variations, it will also be prone flake or peel because it’s purely a short term, cosmetic effect. The skill of The Refinishing Touch’s technicians in colour matching and our coating and bonding technology will give you a high quality finish you can trust to last.

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