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Incorporating Ace Surfaces Norfolk
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Door Repairs

Damage to wooden, uPVC, GRP and powder coated doors mended professionally by The Refinishing Touch

Repairs To Solid Wood or Veneered Doors

Gouges, chips and scratches in doors caused by accidental damage or wear and tear can all be repaired. For solid wood or veneered doors we tailor solutions to suit varying degrees of damage and traffic levels for the best, long-serving results. GRP composite doors can also be repaired using specialist fillers and then re-coloured to match for a seamless finish.

Perfectly Replicating Surface Texture and Grain

During installation work in new builds doors, however well protected, are susceptible to damage. The Refinishing Touch can expertly repair them so that the colour, grain pattern and texture of the surface are perfectly replicated. The Refinishing Touch repairs thousands of wooden and veneered doors annually. Scratches and sanded out and the original wood detail restored. Chips are filled using specialist hard waxes or fillers are used and then colour matched to mimic the wood’s colour. Once the base colour of the wood has been recreated the technician uses a paint pallet to re-establish the grain effect so that the door repair blends seamlessly into the surface. Finally, protective lacquer is applied to the repair to prevent any deterioration.

Repairs To uPVC and GRP Doors

Damage to uPVC and GRP doors can also be repaired. Through our close relationship with major manufacturers, most colours and sheen levels are easily matched. Once the damaged area has been filled and sanded back a new finish is applied and feathered into the main surface to deliver an undetectable repair.

Repairs To Commercial Doors – Powder Coated,  Metal or Panel

In Commercial properties powder coated, metal doors and panels are common. If the door has been subjected to significant abuse, and the bare metal is exposed, a primer may be required to ensure that the topcoat adheres strongly to the surface. Chips and scratches are mended and filled. Once sanded and ready for spraying the new finish is applied. Once again colour matching is critical to ensure an undetectable finish.

Replacement of doors in properties is an expensive and time- consuming activity. With our repair service, most doors can be successfully repaired back to a factory finish appearance.

Door Repairs From Refinishing Touch

For all your door repair requirements, please call our experts on 020 8616 0350 for London and the South East and 01603 263842 for East Anglia. Click here to see all the repairs we perform or here to see our facebook page


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