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Housing Associations

The Refinishing Touch Have Extensive Experience Of Working With The Housing Sector

Housing Associations have an obligation to their tenants to ensure that properties are maintained to an acceptable standard. Most Associations will employ or sub-contract handymen, who have a broad range of skills. However, they often lack the necessary knowledge, equipment and materials to undertake undetectable and durable repairs to many types of damaged surfaces. Our technicians provide Housing Associations with support in carrying out repairs to fixtures and fittings such as baths, sinks, kitchen units and worktops. Our spot repairs bring surfaces back to an acceptable standard and avoid the unnecessary cost of replacement.

With the focus on improving the state of the housing stock that they manage, Housing Associations have been spending considerable amounts of money to improve kitchens and bathrooms. Rip out is expensive and is often not value for money. With technological advances, our experienced teams can apply incredibly durable finishes for most types of hard surface. Kitchens and bathrooms can be upgraded at a fraction of the cost of replacement, provided that the basic structure of the bathroom and kitchen units and the tiling is sound. Doors and other portable fixtures are removed from the property and refinished in our workshop and spray booths. The immovable elements such as the carcases and tiling are resprayed in situ. Our water-based spray systems mean that chemicals that are harmful both to the environment and potentially to individuals are not used. Refurbishment using The Refinishing Touch is, therefore, not only good for stretching your budget, but is also the environmentally friendly solution.

For your Housing Association repairs and refurbishments please contact our experts on 020 8616 0350 for London and the South East and 01603 263842 for East Anglia.


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