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Incorporating Ace Surfaces Norfolk
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Radiator Repairs

Chipped radiators restored to their original look by The Refinishing Touch

Return Radiators To Their Original Appearance

Whether radiators are made of enamel or a powder coating they can be returned to their original appearance with the removal of unsightly chips and scratches. Damaged areas can be filled and sanded so that the surface is perfectly smooth. When appropriate a primer is applied to the surface. Our technicians are trained to match colours so that the new final topcoat blends seamlessly into the rest of the surface.

Stainless Steel Radiator Surface Repair

If the radiator is made in stainless steel, scratches may be removed by gently polishing. Our technician will start with coarse grades and finish with extremely fine sandpaper to restore the lustre.

Chips On Enamel Radiators

When enamel is chipped, fillers are applied and sanded smooth. Our technicians’ skills in matching colour make our repairs virtually undetectable in all cases.

Radiator Repairs

For your radiator repair requirements please call our experts on 020 8616 0350 for London and the South East and 01603 263842 for East Anglia. For more information on the complete range of surface repairs we complete click here. If you would like to see examples of some of our recent work why not visit our facebook page


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