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Incorporating Ace Surfaces Norfolk
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Commercial Surface Restoration for all Industries

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The Refinishing Touch is a specialist surface restoration company with extensive experience in the trade sector. We offer high quality, tailored repairs and a cost effective service for a range of industries and commercial requirements.

Whether you are looking for urgent repairs to construction-damaged surfaces, an upgrade to existing fixtures or fittings as part of a refurbishment or to repair damage caused by everyday wear and tear, The Refinishing Touch can help.

Surfaces We Repair For Commercial Customers


Chips in baths, radiators or white goods caused during installation or works can all be removed using our expert method of filling, sanding and bonding then finishing with a colour match spray. Specialist resins are used that are designed for optimum durability ongoing.


Often during installation uPVC suffers chips, gouges or scratches. All of these can be eliminated and an as-new finish achieved with our expert restoration system. Any colour can be matched on the spot and grains or patterns recreated for a seamless repair.

Powder Coated Finishes

Powder coated items such as domestic appliances, radiators and metal furniture can often suffer chips or scratches during installation. Despite the vast spectrum of shades available in powder coating, we are able to colour match precisely on-the-spot to ensure a seamless repair.


Chips caused by dropped items or cracks occurring through pressure can be dealt with using our specialist system designed for ongoing durability. Cracks are drilled to prevent spreading and on sanitary ware we use a bonder as a chemical weld for the new surface. Any patterns are expertly recreated for the ultimate seamless finish.

Gel Set

We use specialist polishing techniques to eliminate scratches from gel set baths and panels. Chips and gouges can also be repaired and are finished with an expertly colour matched spray for an as-new result.


Dropping items onto porcelain sanitary ware is a common occurrence. The resulting chips can be repaired to a seamless finish using a specialist system. A bonder is applied to act as a chemical weld for the new surface, ensuring long term durability. The final step is to colour match and use a finishing spray specially designed for use on sanitary ware.

GRP Composite Doors

Chips, gouges and scratches are commonplace during installation and of course doors are a prime target for all sorts of knocks. We use specialist fillers to repair such damage on GRP composite doors and finish by re-colouring and recreating patterns and grains to match the rest of the door.


Laminate worktops, floors or other fittings damaged during installation or subsequent works can be expertly repaired to an as-new finish. Any laminate surface can be recreated whether monotone, grain effect or special pattern resulting in a virtually undetectable repair.


Chips and cracks happen regularly when stone lintels or sills are installed. Repairs involve colour matching then recoating. Then comes the expert process of recreating the textured look. Any finish can be achieved and our results are virtually undetectable.

Wood & Veneers

Wood and veneers regularly suffer gouges, chips and scratches. It is vital the correct repair method is used to ensure the best finish and ongoing durability. We will choose our method depending on the degree of damage and level of traffic the fitting is exposed to. All finishes are as-new with patterns, grains and textures seamlessly recreated.

Natural & Engineered Stone

Marble, granite and other types of natural stone, as well as engineered stone, are prone to chips from dropped tools or other items. Restoration is a highly skilled craft as the right level of depth needs to be achieved to avoid the newly applied colour appearing to ‘sit’ on the surface. Our system and expertise offer a flawless finish true to the uniqueness of the stone.

Stainless Steel

Scratches are the biggest issue with stainless steel. These can be polished out using a step by step process resulting in a highly polished finish without any detectable evidence of the scratch. Any fixtures and fittings can be restored in situ, from modern stainless steel radiators to sinks and furniture.

Reacting Quickly with a Quality Service

Because you need a reactive, swift service, we offer flexible scheduling to help you meet your critical deadlines. Our finishers are CSCS carded and trained. Repairs are of the highest quality and designed to suit specific situations in line with budgetary constraints.

Many of the biggest names in construction, housing development and interior fit outs are amongst our customer base, as are some of the UK’s largest hotel chains and numerous independents and niche operators.


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