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Incorporating Ace Surfaces Norfolk
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House Builders

The Refinishing Touch Have Extensive Experience Of Working With The Housing Sector

The Refinishing Touch has developed a strong reputation for its service levels and quality of work in the house building sector. Work is carried out directly for four out of the five largest house builders in the UK, as well as for their sub-contractors. Framework contractual agreements are in place with three of the top five house builders.

During installation work there is always the danger that new fixtures and fittings can suffer minor damage that can lead to disappointment for the new homeowner. Most defects are captured during inspections by the house builder and repairs are carried out prior to the new owner taking possession of the flat or house. On occasions, blemishes may only be discovered post-handover of the property. Working to snag lists, The Refinishing Touch mends cosmetic damage to nearly all hard surfaces. Scratches can often be polished out and the surface restored to its original look; chips, dents and gouges can either be filled and re-coloured using specialist paints, and then protected with a lacquer coating, or repaired using specialist durable waxes. Minor cracks can also be repaired. Our technicians are trained to mend a wide variety of surface types. Substrates repaired include wood, veneers, laminates, stainless steel, powder coatings, glass, enamel, ceramics, foil finishes and uPVC.

Our services are available either for small one-off jobs or for large on-going projects. The Refinishing Touch recognises that it is a reactive trade and wherever possible seeks to provide a flexible service for its customers. Response times are generally less than one week, but for urgent requirements technicians are often on site within 24 hours.

For your House Building repairs please contact our experts on 020 8616 0350 for London and the South East and 01603 263842 for East Anglia.


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