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Incorporating Ace Surfaces Norfolk
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Repair to scratched and chipped kitchen cabinet doors

Scratched and chipped kitchen cabinet doors

Construction sites are a major source of work for us. With a large number of different tradesmen moving equipment and tools about site some requirement for repairs is almost inevitable. Damage can be minimised by the use of protection until…

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Example of repair laminate flooring

How The Experts Repair Laminate Flooring

How The Experts Repair Laminate Flooring Did you know that the Refinishing Touch provides a service to repair laminate flooring? It’s part of a complete flooring repair service that also includes marble and ceramic tiles. Whatever the material, through professional,…

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Examples of kitchen worktop repairs

How we approach kitchen worktop repairs

How we approach kitchen worktop repairs Kitchen worktops come under lots of abuse, being subject to impact hundreds of times a week. It is therefore no surprise that worktops so often get damaged, letting down an otherwise pristine kitchen. But…

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Spray Kitchen Doors

We Spray Kitchen Doors And More!

From Cabinet Doors To Splashbacks – The Complete Refinishing Service The service in which we spray kitchen doors is very popular and rightly so. Customers across the country have found it to be an excellent way to give their existing…

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granite worktop repair

Making The Case For A Granite Worktop Repair

Making The Case For A Granite Worktop Repair A granite worktop is often the statement piece in a fitted kitchen. Nothing quite has the same impact as a wonderful piece of granite. Of course, such a statement comes at a…

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Sustainability and the environment

Sustainability and the Environment

The principal idea behind setting up the Refinishing Touch was to avoid the expense and wastefulness of ripping out existing fixtures and fittings and instead repairing or refurbishing them. Mending damaged or worn surfaces would deliver both a cost and…

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Repairs to sanitaryware in hotels

Research has identified that clean and well-maintained bathrooms are a major factor in guests selecting the hotels in which they wish to stay. Whether it be up market chains or budget hotels ensuring that rooms are clean and presentable appears…

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Changing the colour while bobbing about on the water

Bobbing about on the water

We’ve taken on a number of small projects this week and have had to be very flexible, working with and around some extraordinary weather. One of my favourite projects from this week, saw one of our technicians, Chris, update the…

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School Work

School Work

Every now and then customers add unexpected items to our snagging list. Cosmetic repairs to chipped or scratched floors, baths, window frames, worktops may be the reason we attend site at the outset. However, once on site, project managers, quantity…

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Spray Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Spray Painting Kitchen Cabinets: Your Options

How To Specify The Perfect Refurbishment Project For Your Kitchen What do you want to achieve with your refinishing project? That’s the overriding question our team ask new customers because you have a wide variety of options. Spray painting kitchen…

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Kitchen Door Spraying

Kitchen Door Spraying For Lasting Results

Should You Go DIY Or Professional When Refinishing Cabinet Doors? Although it can be tempting to tackle a kitchen cabinet door renovation process yourself, is it possible to get a good finish? Or is a professional kitchen door spraying service…

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