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Incorporating Ace Surfaces Norfolk
For Residential Call 01603 263842 For Commercial Call 020 8616 0350

Stainless Steel Repairs

Scratches to stainless steel panels and sinks carefully polished by The Refinishing Touch

Stainless Steel Repair

Stainless steel surfaces such as kitchen sinks and panels can be scratched either during installation or during regular use. In many cases these scratches can be removed using polishing methods. Our technicians are trained to use increasingly fine grades of wet and dry sandpaper to remove light scratches and disfigurements restoring the surface to its original appearance.

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For your stainless steel repair requirements please call our experts on 020 8616 0350 for London and the South East and 01603 263842 for East Anglia. For more information on commercial refurbishments click here. To see images on the latest repairs completed click here


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