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Incorporating Ace Surfaces Norfolk
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Sanitary Ware Repairs

Chipped and cracked toilets and basins expertly mended by The Refinishing Touch

Sanitary Ware Chips, Cracks and Scratches

Chips, cracks and scratches on a variety of materials including enamel, porcelain and gel set can be professionally repaired to as-new standards. Our superior high tech acrylic coating when used with our bonding technology performs like porcelain and enamel for years of durability.

Undetectable Repairs to Basins and Toilet Pans

Damage to porcelain basins or toilet pans can be repaired undetectably. Whether the damage has been caused during installation, or by regular use, scratches, chips and even cracks can be repaired by our technicians. Scratches or marks on porcelain can be removed using polishing techniques. Chips are repaired by carefully filling and then sanding the damaged area so that surface is perfectly smooth. The surface is then prepared using our specialist bonder. A new coating, which is colour matched to the original surface, is then applied using an air brush. The new finish is polished if required to ensure a perfectly smooth finish.

Cracks Can Be Repaired

Even cracks in basins and toilets can be repaired, provided the surface is fundamentally stable. The crack is treated to ensure that it can no longer grow further. It needs to be opened wide to allow a filler to be applied. The filler will then be sanded so that the surface is perfectly smooth, ready to be sprayed with a new colour-matched finish.

There are DIY repair kits available on the market. Repairs of basins and toilet pan damage require expertise and the right equipment and materials. Without these, any repair will be clearly visible and prone to flaking and peeling.

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