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Incorporating Ace Surfaces Norfolk
For Residential Call 01603 263842 For Commercial Call 020 8616 0350

Window and Door Frame Repairs

Wooden, foil, powder-coated and uPVC door and window frames beautifully restored by The Refinishing Touch

Undetectable Window and Door Frame Repairs

Wood, foil, powdered coated and uPVC window and door frames that have suffered chips, gouges and scratches – common during installation – can be repaired using various specialist methods. uPVC frames can be filled, sanded and finished with a colour matched spray. Wooden and foil frames are restored to a superior standard including recreating grain patterns and textures.


Often during installation uPVC suffers chips, gouges or scratches. All of these can be eliminated and an as-new finish achieved with our expert restoration system. Any colour can be matched on the spot and grains or patterns recreated for a seamless repair.

FREE Fittings Repair Estimate

For repairs to your doors, window frames and fascia, call our friendly experts today on 020 8616 0350 for London and the South East and 01603 263842 for East Anglia. For more information on the complete range of repairs we complete click here, to see images of the latest surface repairs we have completed click here


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