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Incorporating Ace Surfaces Norfolk
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Bathroom Refurbishment

Save up to 70% on the Cost of Bathroom Replacement with the Bathroom Resurfacing Service from The Refinishing Touch

Chips, cracks and scratches on a variety of materials including enamel, porcelain and gel set can be professionally repaired to as-new standards. Our superior high tech acrylic coating when used with our bonding technology performs like porcelain and enamel for years of durability.


Chips in baths, radiators or white goods caused during installation or works can all be removed using our expert method of filling, sanding and bonding then finishing with a colour match spray. Specialist resins are used that are designed for optimum durability ongoing.


Dropping items onto porcelain sanitary ware is a common occurrence. The resulting chips can be repaired to a seamless finish using a specialist system. A bonder is applied to act as a chemical weld for the new surface, ensuring long term durability. The final step is to colour match and use a finishing spray specially designed for use on sanitary ware.

Gel Set

We use specialist polishing techniques to eliminate scratches from gel set baths and panels. Chips and gouges can also be repaired and are finished with an expertly colour matched spray for an as-new result.

A High Quality Finish you can Trust

Don’t be fooled by DIY scratch, chip or bath repair kits; the clue is in the price. Often the treated surface will soon flake or peel because it’s purely a short term, cosmetic effect, as opposed to the resurfacing technology used by The Refinishing Touch. Our superior quality, high tech acrylic coating creates a sealed bond that performs like porcelain, which means years of long-lasting durability, and a seamless finish that is practically undetectable on a variety of materials including ceramic, enamel and acrylic.

Minimal Disruption

For homeowners, being without a bath or suite is inconvenient and undesirable. But thanks to The Refinishing Touch, it’s not always necessary because all work is done in situ, with surfaces ready to use within a few hours.

For those in the hospitality, care or health sectors, having bathrooms or indeed whole rooms out of commission can be damaging financially. The Refinishing Touch provides specialist services to the commercial sector, with a fast turnaround guaranteed. We also offer a risk-reducing anti-slip coating service.

On the Spot Colour Matching

Our technicians are fully equipped to carry out on the spot colour matching to ensure a virtually undetectable bath repair. We can also provide a re-colouring service for baths, or entire suites, so that they match new décor or fittings.

Free Estimate: Call The Refinishing Touch Today

Our FAQs page offers detailed information on all our bathroom resurfacing services which we hope you find helpful. To speak to one of our bath resurfacing experts or for a free written estimate, call us on 0800 9800 900. We provide a fast turnaround service on all urgent projects.

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