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Kitchen Units and Surfaces

Restore your Kitchen to its Former Glory with Kitchen Resurfacing by The Refinishing Touch

If you’d like to see your kitchen worktops and tiles looking like new without the cost and disruption of replacement, The Refinishing Touch has the solution.

Kitchen surface restoration is an inexpensive yet highly effective alternative to replacing kitchen countertops, sinks and tiles. From laminate to marble, all can be transformed in place to look as-new, and ready to use within 24 hours.

Refresh your Worktops

If your worktops are worn, chipped or damaged or you fancy refreshing your kitchen with new look counter tops without completely replacing them, this specialist bonding technology guarantees a durable, hygienic finish that lasts for years.

Sinks Restored As-new

Your chipped sink could be the source of much annoyance, not to mention a hoarder of bacteria. Our high tech specialist acrylic coating behaves just like porcelain to create a long lasting, durable seal and on the spot colour matching ensures a flawless finish.

Clean, Hygienic Tiles Resistant to Dirt and Mould

Chipped, cracked or generally worn tiles can ruin the look of a kitchen. Instead of laborious re-tiling, opt instead for specialist tile resurfacing. Not only are tiles restored as-new, they are also coated in a hard wearing seal that resists dirt and mould.

Free Estimate: Call The Refinishing Touch Today

Our FAQs page offers detailed information on all our kitchen resurfacing services which we hope you find helpful. To speak to one of our kitchen resurfacing experts or for a free written estimate, call us on 0800 9800 900. We provide a fast turnaround service on all urgent projects.


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