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How we approach kitchen worktop repairs

How we approach kitchen worktop repairs

Kitchen worktops come under lots of abuse, being subject to impact hundreds of times a week. It is therefore no surprise that worktops so often get damaged, letting down an otherwise pristine kitchen. But the good news is that kitchen worktop repairs are one of our specialities – and offer considerable savings compared to new worktops.

Whatever type of worktops are in your kitchen, we have a repair process to rectify any damage. Chips, dents, cracks, scratches and holes can all be put back to ‘as new’ condition.

Stone worktops

Your granite or marble worktop can be repaired effectively. The same is true for ‘engineered’ worktops such as quartz and Corian. The process we use involves specialist ultra-violet materials, along with other fillers depending on the surface. The real art in these repairs is in blending the repair material in with the unique shade and pattern of your worktop, and this is achieved thanks to years of experience among our technicians.

Laminate worktops

Fillers are mixed by our technicians and applied in layers, gradually building up to the surface level. When this is done, a colour is applied and blended with your worktop, taking into account any pattern in the finish. Once a seamless effect has been successfully achieved, a super-tough top coat is applied.

Wooden worktops

The tricky part about repairing a wooden worktop that is very difficult for DIY enthusiasts to master is blending in the repair with the wood grain. This is where the artistry of our experienced technicians comes in. They apply and blend in a colour coat after using either a hard wax or two-pack filler to repair the damage. A hard-wearing lacquer seals the colour coat to complete the repair.

Why a repair makes more sense than a new worktop

Not only are new worktops potentially expensive, but removing an existing worktop and installing a perfectly fitting replacement can take considerable time. This is especially true if it’s a section of workshop where the sink is housed. In this case, the sink would have to be removed, and maybe some of the pipework too.

By contrast, kitchen worktop repairs can likely be finished by the Refinishing Touch technicians within just a few hours. That means minimal disruption to your kitchen and home life.

Kitchen worktop repairs – call for a quote

If you would like to find out more about kitchen worktop repairs click here  To request a quote either call 01603 263842 or click here and fill out a contact form, and one of our Kitchen Technicians will then contact you at your convenience.


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