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Scratched and chipped kitchen cabinet doors

Construction sites are a major source of work for us. With a large number of different tradesmen moving equipment and tools about site some requirement for repairs is almost inevitable. Damage can be minimised by the use of protection until the site is ready for handover to the new owner.

Floors, doors, window frames, tiling, sanitary ware, panes of glass, furniture, worktops and vanity units and white goods all suffer from chips, dinks and scratches.

A further area of damage is kitchen cabinets. Cabinet doors can be very difficult to repair especially when they have a high gloss finish. Modern kitchen down lighting increases the level of the challenge, as all blemishes can be magnified. Edges of these doors are easier to mend than the centre of the panel

Recently one of our colleagues has been working at a large development on the edge of the city in London. Fortunately, the cabinet doors were a matt finish. Unfortunately, the door in the picture had been badly scratched. Our technician had to match the colour precisely so that any repair would be undetectable to anyone looking at the door for the first time.

Kitchen cabinet door before repair
Kitchen cabinet door after repair

The technician initially worked on removing the scratch either by trying to sand it out or where it was too deep to fill it and then sand it back. Spraying a scratch in itself is insufficient – it will still show the scratch. Preparation of the damaged area is critical to deliver a high quality repair. Once the surface was completely smooth, our finisher then matched the colour so that our finish would blend into the rest of the door. Using an airbrush, the damaged area was sprayed. The edge of the repaired area was feathered into the remainder of the surface so that the damaged area could no longer be detected.

Some people think that having the right colour alone is sufficient to create an outstanding repair. It isn’t. It needs knowledge to remove scratches and then the skill to apply the paint in such a way that the new surface blends into the original.

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