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Making The Case For A Granite Worktop Repair

Making The Case For A Granite Worktop Repair

A granite worktop is often the statement piece in a fitted kitchen. Nothing quite has the same impact as a wonderful piece of granite. Of course, such a statement comes at a price, so a granite worktop repair is preferable to sourcing and fitting a replacement worktop.

Granite is an incredibly tough material, but maybe not quite as durable as some people may think. It scores around 6 or 7 on the Mohs scale of material hardness (diamond is in the number 1 position with ten out of ten) but granite is prone to damage when put to the test of a busy kitchen environment.

A granite worktop can crack, chip and scratch, especially when impacted by a heavy object. As with many materials, it’s the edges that are most likely to chip. Granite can also experience signs of dulling, staining, hazing and heat damage.

Repair Rather Than Replace

Refinishing Touch has a great track record of carrying out granite worktop repairs. These are done for homeowners, as well as housebuilders who identify damage to a new granite worktop.

Our skilled technicians have access to specialist, super-hard drying fillers to make good a crack, scratch or chip in a granite worktop. Fillers and top coats are blended so that they are a colour match with the worktop itself. These are usually applied carefully in fine layers, which is preferable to trying to cut corners by applying one thick layer.

The real skill comes in applying the all-important colour. Each piece of granite is unique, with its own grain pattern running through it. Our technicians are skilled and experienced at carefully applying the colour so that it blends in with the complicated grain pattern of the worktop.

Granite is of course just one type of stone that is used for worktops, with marble and engineered stone such as Corian also popular. The Refinishing Touch technicians can carry out quality repairs to all of these materials.

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