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Kitchen Respraying: Is DIY An Option?

What It Takes To Respray Kitchen Cabinet Doors To A High Standard

DIY blogs and TV programmes often suggest kitchen respraying of cupboard doors and drawer fronts as a way to bring a new look to your home on a budget. It’s not a surprise really, as it can be a very cost-effective way to revamp the look of what is, for many people, one of the busiest rooms in the home. So, is respraying cabinet doors really an option for the home owner?

Certainly it can be done. Spray painting is within the skill set of the average DIY-er. But it may not be as easy as the bloggers and TV hosts suggest. As kitchen respraying and resurfacing experts, we are often asked to put things right where corners have been cut, resulting in far from perfect results.

Preparation Is The Key To Successful Kitchen Respraying

Preparation includes thorough cleaning and degreasing, the repair of any damage, and keying the surface ready for respraying. It may also be necessary to fill screw holes if you are going to replace handles with new ones of a different size.

All of these steps take considerable time and skill in order to create the foundation for an excellent finish. Believe it or not, our technicians typically spend up to 80% of their time on each project preparing surfaces for refinishing.

Using The Right Materials And Equipment

With surface preparation complete, the application of the new finish itself can be done. Unfortunately, many of the off-the-shelf spray paints on the market are just not up to the job. You may get a nice finish initially, but it is doubtful whether it will remain in good condition for very long.

At Refinishing Touch, we are experts in choosing and using professional-grade primers and finishes that will look great and offer long term durability. We also use high quality spraying equipment that simply cannot be matched by ‘rattle can’ products. This is why we are able to offer a five-year guarantee on our refinishing work.

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