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What’s the Cost of Kitchen Refurbishment?

How To Achieve Great Results At Less Cost

Refurbishing a kitchen rather than ripping it out and installing a new one makes excellent financial sense. Most fitted kitchen cupboards have years of life left in them. Targeting the refurbishment at selected parts of the kitchen can achieve superb results at mush less cost than a new kitchen.

But just how much does a refurbishment cost? While we can’t give a clear answer without knowing something about your particular kitchen, we can explain why two main options leads to two very different answers in terms of cost.

Managing The Cost Of Kitchen Refurbishment

Let’s look at the two main options for a kitchen refurbishment…

Option one (the expensive option!) – replacing doors, drawer fronts and worktops.

It’s tempting to replace tired, outdated or damaged doors, drawer fronts and worktops with new ones. However, it’s surprising how the cost can add up. A typical small-to-medium fitted kitchen might have a dozen or more cupboards and six drawers.

New doors can cost anything from £30 to £80 or more each, and drawer fronts from £10 to £30 or more each. Worktop prices vary greatly, running to hundreds of pounds for high-end products.

Unless you are confident replacing these yourself, there is of course the labour cost involved. We have seen labour prices online of up to £1,200 for replacing kitchen doors, and much more for replacing worktops. There may be hidden costs too, including the cost of waste removal of the old doors and worktops, unless you are happy to do that yourself.

Option two (great results but much less cost) – resurfacing instead of replacement.

The cost of kitchen refurbishment through the resurfacing of kitchen components is almost always a more cost-effective option. We find that a price comparison shows that refurbishment is always much more cost effective than replacing the same components.

That can differ of course, depending on your kitchen and the finish you choose. But it is very likely that you could enjoy significant savings. The cost of kitchen refurbishment through resurfacing is likely much lower than going down the route of replacing doors, drawer fronts and worktops.

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