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Painting Kitchen Cabinets: Mistakes To Avoid

Some Tips On Achieving A Good Finish On Kitchen Cabinets

Getting an excellent painted finish on cabinet doors is not as easy as it may seem. A look at what some online DIY guides say about painting kitchen cabinets usually brings up a few common mistakes to avoid.

We thought it would be interesting to look at the common mistakes highlighted by DIY experts. We also explain how we avoid them through our processes and investment in materials and equipment.

Mistake 1: Poor Surface Preparation

We usually think of kitchens as clean places, but of course because of the activity that happens in them, surfaces are in fact far from clean. Painting kitchen cabinets should therefore start with a thorough clean of the door surfaces. A thorough de-grease is an essential step our kitchen technicians take before sanding the surface to create a ‘key’ for the paint.

Mistake 2: Not Using Primer

Painting straight onto the surface without first applying a primer is a false economy. For example, knots in a wooden cupboard door will start to ‘bleed’ through a top coat unless a specialist primer is applied first. We use stain-blocking primer on wood and alternative specialist primers for other surfaces.

Mistake 3: Choosing the wrong colour

Yes, it happens! It’s so easy to choose a colour that looks nice on its own, but that doesn’t fit well into your kitchen. This is why we have experts who share their expertise in colours and design. We also have a sampling service so you can be super confident in selecting the perfect colours.

Mistake 4: Rushing the job

How long do you think painting kitchen cabinets takes? Many people estimate a day or two, when in fact the process of cleaning, sanding, priming and topcoating can take much longer. If you’d prefer to leave it to experts who have a process that includes taking the cabinet doors and drawer fronts away for refinishing, please get in touch.

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