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Undetectable Repair To Wooden Grain Surface on New Build Door

Recent Door Repair

With most of my colleagues on furlough (the big house builders are largely shut down) it feels like a good time to review some of our work carried out prior to the shutdown of most of large customers’ building and construction sites in London and find examples of undetectable repair.

Previous Failed Attempts by Competitors

While working on one of our main contractor’s housing site, we were shown an attempted repair to a scratched and chipped wooden front door carried out by a competitor on behalf of a sub-contractor. The sub-contractor was required to get his repair company to redo the repair immediately due to imminent handover. After a failed second attempt, the main contractor asked us to transfer one of our finishers to repair the wooden door.

Undetectable Repair – The Refinishing Touch Result

The results from the Day one; Day two and Day three are shown. It requires an ability to “see” colour coupled to the experience and patience to recreate patterns and texture. The results of work done properly are excellent. Click here to see further examples or here to see updated work

Original Competitor Repair

Wooden Door scratch on surface Refinishing Touch 2

Second Competitor Repair

Wooden Door scratch on surface Refinishing Touch

Refinishing Touch Repair

Door Repairs Wooden Door scratch on surface undetectable repair Refinishing Touch
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