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School Work

Every now and then customers add unexpected items to our snagging list. Cosmetic repairs to chipped or scratched floors, baths, window frames, worktops may be the reason we attend site at the outset. However, once on site, project managers, quantity surveyors and site managers realise that other scratches, pitted surfaces, chips and other such cosmetic blemishes to other items might be repairable avoiding the need for replacement. This can be extremely satisfying and interesting work for me and my colleagues. It also can and save our customers money, as well as avoid the unnecessary scrapping of fixtures and fittings, which are fundamentally sound.

A while ago, we were working for one of regular construction and refurbishment customers near Milton Keynes. The basic package called for repairs to doors, floor and window frames. Once we had finished repairing the last of the damaged doors, the site manager showed my colleague the school sign that either needed to be replaced or repaired. There was some significant damage to the posts including pitting, and some damage to the sign itself.

School Work
School Work

Having cleaned the posts and the sign, my colleague used a dremel to remove the last vestiges of rust from both the posts that supported the sign and the sign itself. He then went through the usual process of repairing the chips and dents by using a standard two pack filler. Once the filler hardened it was sanded to create a smooth surface.  He then colour-matched not only the red used for the lettering and the posts, but also the white background colour of the sign. He sprayed the posts and using the same colour sprayed the edge of the sign and touched in any damaged lettering using a fine artist paint brush or an air brush. This required great attention to detail with masking to avoid overspray and blurring the lettering. Once he had completed lettering, he sprayed or touched in the white background.

This was not a typical repair. However, it did show the flexibility and ability of my colleagues.

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