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Spray Painting Kitchen Cabinets: Your Options

How To Specify The Perfect Refurbishment Project For Your Kitchen

What do you want to achieve with your refinishing project? That’s the overriding question our team ask new customers because you have a wide variety of options. Spray painting kitchen cabinets is just one of the available options.

Depending on your budget, the condition of your kitchen and the results you are seeking, we can put together a project that will work for you. Below we look at some of the options.

Just Doors – Or Doors And Cabinets?

Sometimes a customer’s cabinets are in good condition and just the doors and drawer fronts need refinishing. So you may feel that spray painting kitchen cabinets themselves isn’t necessary. On the other hand, for a more complete renovation you might decide to have the cabinets painted as well as the doors and drawer fronts.

Keep Your Handles – Or Have New Ones Fitted?

If the look of your kitchen cabinets has dated, it could be that the door and drawer handles are also due to be replaced. Our team can fit new handles as part of the process, after carefully filling in and refinishing screw holes left by the existing handles.

Choose Your Colours – Or Get Some Assistance?

We have a complete colour and design consultancy service to help you decide upon your new colour scheme. This includes supplying samples to give you a good indication of how colours will look in your home. Alternatively, you may decide to manage that side of the project yourself, giving us colour instructions ahead of our team spray painting kitchen cabinets for you.

Just The Cabinets – Or Surfaces Too?

If your kitchen worktops are in need of attention we can help. Through a variety of repair and refinishing techniques, we can usually bring worktops back to an ‘as new’ condition. We can also fit replacement worktops where required.

Cabinets/Surfaces Only – Or Also Walls And Tiles?

To complete the renovation, we can also bring our magic touch to walls, tiles and splashbacks. For example, you might be surprised at the quality finish we can achieve by painting tiles, at a fraction of the cost of re-tiling.

Spray Painting Kitchen Cabinets And More – Call For A Quote

If you would like to find out more about kitchen cabinet refurbishment click here  To request a quote either call 01603 263842 or click here and fill out a contact form, and one of our Kitchen Technicians will then contact you at your convenience.


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