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Kitchen Cabinet Refurbishment

Transform Your Existing Kitchen

Are your kitchen units structurally sound but the wrong colour? Perhaps 15 years ago dark oak seemed to be the perfect colour/style selection, but not now. Has daily wear and tear taken its toll on the kitchen cabinets and they no longer look pristine on the surface? Are you looking to sell your property but know that the kitchen no longer has the wow impact when you enter?

Did you know that it’s possible to entirely resurface kitchen cupboards and worktops so that they look brand new?

Kitchen Resurfacing That’s Guaranteed To Last

Before you think that the new surfaces won’t last – that they’ll peel off under duress – think again. All resurfacing from The Refinishing Touch comes with a 5 year guarantee, and the business can provide a legion of testimonials from highly satisfied customers..

The actual resurfacing of kitchen units is with high quality, top of the range materials specifically designed for the purpose.  Kitchen units end up looking ‘as new’. The surfacing is highly durable – impact, scuff and scratch–resistant. It’s also stain and acid resistant.

Upcycling An Existing Kitchen

As a way of upcycling your existing kitchen, it’s a must. You’ll get a wholly rejuvenated appearance for a fraction of the price of a new kitchen – at roughly 30% the cost of replacement. For those with sturdy, well-built but slightly outdated kitchens (say, dark wood, or units with outdated handles and beading etc.), resurfacing gives an instant update whilst being a greener alternative to replacement.

There’s a wide choice of colours and finishes, and even worktops can be treated. Plus the process is quick. Doors will be taken away to be resurfaced in the workshop, and any on-site spraying (backs of cabinets, for instance) completed within the first 1-2 days. The whole job will be complete within a working week.

Kitchen Cabinet Refurbishment – Call For A Quote

If you would like to find out more about kitchen cabinet refurbishment click here  To request a quote either call 01603 263842 or click here and fill out a contact form, and one of our Kitchen Technicians will then contact you at your convenience.


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