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Damaged floor tile repair

One of the jobs on last week’s list was this damaged floor tile repair for a house builder on a site we cover in London.

As we come out of lockdown, construction sites in London and the South-East are starting to re-open. Our technicians are gradually returning to work and we are able to carry out repairs that have been put on hold for the last few weeks due to the pandemic.

Attached are before and after pictures of the floor that we repaired recently. We often repair cracked and chipped tiles. In this case, the contractor had to carry out structural works below some tiling. No matching replacement tile was available. The housebuilder tasked our technician with getting the floor back to its original appearance.

Build up missing tile and colour match

Using a two-part filler our technician gradually built up a completely new surface. The filler was pre-coloured to be a close match to the adjacent tiles. Once the repaired area was filled, our finisher sanded it back. The new surface was absolutely smooth, flat and level with the adjacent floor tiles.

Attention to detail

Our technician uses masking tape to prevent paint covering the improvised grout line. He refinishes the repaired area so that it blends in with the rest of the floor. Firstly, he matched the base colour. Once he was confident that he had the correct colour he sprayed the damaged area. To recreate the mottled effect he used a different technique to spray over the base coat. He also used a fine artist paint brush to ensure that the detail was accurate.

Once the new coating had dried, our technician selected the appropriate lacquer to protect the repaired area. Because of the location of the damaged floor tile repair, there is a very low risk of heavy footwear causing any further damage.

Our finisher created a new surface quickly and at a much lower cost compared to a replacement. The customer provided us with both pictures. He was delighted by the end result as it was one less problem for him to solve. See more

Damaged floor tile repair
Missing Tile
Damaged floor tile repair
After meticulous repair
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