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Pitfalls of painting your own kitchen – Part 3

Painted kitchens look amazing and can make a unique statement at the heart of your home. At the Refinishing Touch we are experts at relieving you of the pitfalls of painting your own kitchen. The end result will not only be stunning but will last for years to come, it may be best to leave it to the professionals.

Here in my opinion are the final 3 reasons why painting your own kitchen is not as simple as you may think and why using the Refinishing Touch might prove to be your best value option.

Pitfalls of painting your own kitchen – 3 final points

Not using a primer

Often wood will contain natural resins or will have been stained in the past. These may leach through a painted surface causing blotches to show through your finished painted surfaces.

The Refinishing Touch have years of experience resurfacing lots of different types of kitchen surfaces and know exactly which primers are best for which surface to achieve a durable long lasting finish.

Not painting the kitchen surfaces in the correct order

With any project you should always have a plan and resurfacing your kitchen is no exception. If you are planning to paint your fixed panels, edges, cornice and light pelmet as well as your door and drawer fronts, you will need to do these first. While these are drying you will have time to work on your door and drawer fronts. It is also advisable to do each process on the back of your door and drawer fronts first. It’s best to leave your fixed panels, edges, cornice etc. to dry for a least a couple of days before attempting to refit your door and drawer fronts. Too much haste may cause damage to the paint and require you to sand back and re-do.

Using the wrong paint

There are some great kitchen paints on the market – available from your local DIY shop and on-line, but they’re not always as easy to use as it says on the tin!

For fear of sounding like a broken record, it really is all in the prep!

Painting your own kitchen first and then calling in the professionals when you find yourself a bit disappointed with the finish will add to the cost.

The Refinishing Touch use specialist coatings, applied with specialist equipment enabling them to guarantee not only the finish when they leave you but for many years to come. See more

Pitfalls of painting your own kitchen

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