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Kitchen and bathroom refurbishment in London

Kitchen and bathroom refurbishments in London are standard fare. However, there are times when more inventive repairs are required.

We recently received a request to adapt a high-end Italian sink which had been incorrectly specified. Instead of receiving a basin designed to be inset into a vanity unit as was required, the refurbishment company had received a wall-mounted version. The designer requested for the sink to be positioned with a mirror behind it. This presented a challenge, as two holes at the back of the basin required for wall mounting were very prominent in the reflection.

Replacement not an option

With Supply Chains currently disrupted and no acceptable date given by the supplier for replacement. We were asked to provide a solution as handover was within days. As necessity is the mother of invention, we developed a method to create a durable, but undetectable repair. The technician packed the holes to create a solid base. Once the packing had cured, the technician built on this by applying a specialist repair filler. After allowing this surface to harden, the technician gently sanded it back to create a smooth finish. The latter steps of the process are identical to filling a couple of chips in a basin, albeit large ones.

Making the repair undetectable

The technician located the sink in the correct position in the vanity unit, where he was able to colour matched the area requiring repair to the main surface. When attempting to match colours it is essential to use the actual lighting as this has an effect on its appearance. The technician checked the colour match with the lights on and also in the natural light. This ensured that in all situations the repair was not visible. Once sure of the colour match, the technician applied a bonder to the surface. This bonder acts as an anchor for the final surface. Using an airbrush our technician sprays the damaged area, building up the finish gradually. The final coat is “feathered” into the rest of the surface.

The customer was unable to detect the repair once it was completed. Job done. Handover schedule met!

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