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Window frame repairs in London

Window frame repair London

Window frame repairs in London – Scratched, chipped and dented window frames are regular features on construction site snagging lists. Last week one of our technicians repaired heavily damaged window frames caused by a careless forklift driver moving a pallet. The frames’ structure was powder coated metal, with an internal wooden finish. Bent and dented metal is always a challenge unless you have panel beating skills, which one of my colleagues clearly possesses. The end results prove it!

Having examined the frames a couple of weeks ago our technician was confident that he could mend the dents in the metal window frames. Although heavily damaged in places, the wood would be more straight forward to repair. There are currently long lead times for replacements from Europe due to summer shutdowns and the pandemic. The site manager backed my colleague’s assessment that repairs were possible. My colleague advised the site to install the window frames so that any damage during installation could be mended at the same time. On arrival this week to carry out the repairs, the build manager asked my colleague to mend the four most dented metal frames. The attached pictures are of the most damaged window frame.

The technician’s experience of panel beating was helpful. Firstly, he used his specialist equipment to straighten out the dents in the metal window frames. Once our technician had straightened the metal so that the none was protruding, he applied filler. He gradually built it up in layers, allowing each layer time to cure. In doing it this way it removes the risk of the filler shrinking. In the second picture (top right), the filled damaged is visible post sanding. The repaired area is smooth to touch with no visual distortion to the damaged surface. In this instance, the technician then applied a primer coat have created a slight key to the surface. (In the bottom left picture the primer is clearly visible.) Finally, he applied a new finish matching precisely the original colour.There is absolutely no sign of the original dents and damage to the window.

The savings in time and cost to the window installer and the construction company are significant. Our technician really enjoyed his day. He had created a durable, undetectable repair and had demonstrated yet again his skill in repairing damaged surfaces.

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