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Our Approach To Painting Kitchen Doors

Take A Look At The Refinishing Touch Process

If you are looking for a way to revamp your kitchen without the cost of fitting brand new cabinets, there is an alternative. Painting kitchen doors and the fixed panels of your cabinets is a great way to create the feel of a bespoke new kitchen, at much less cost.

Here at Refinishing Touch we have a specialist service that lets you achieve all of this without the hassle and disruption involved in doing the painting yourself.

Minimal Disruption To Your Kitchen

Perhaps the most striking thing about our service is that we do all the refinishing of kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts at our own workshop. It is a great feature of the service as it means your home won’t be cluttered up with technicians or items being cleaned, sanded and painted for any longer than absolutely necessary.

We’ll remove the doors and drawer fronts – and anything else to be painted that’s feasible to remove – and take them away. Our workshop is purpose-designed as a place to prepare and refinish your items.

The Complete Service for Painting Kitchen Doors

Once your doors and drawer fronts arrive at our workshop, our service includes the following:

Cleaning and de-greasing. Great care is taken to remove the dirt and grease that can build up in even the cleanest of kitchens.

Sanding. Surfaces are lightly sanded to provide a ‘key’ for better paint adhesion.

Primer painting. Top quality primers are used to lay the foundation for a quality finish.

Topcoat painting. Usually this means spraying with professional-grade acrylic polymer coatings that are the perfect choice for high quality resurfacing work.

Fitting handles. If you have chosen different handles than the ones currently in place, we will of course fill the existing holes and refinish the area first.

Throughout all of this work, the Refinishing Touch team works to carefully developed procedures to ensure we achieve a high quality finish for your kitchen.

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