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We Spray Kitchen Doors And More!

From Cabinet Doors To Splashbacks – The Complete Refinishing Service

The service in which we spray kitchen doors is very popular and rightly so. Customers across the country have found it to be an excellent way to give their existing kitchen a whole new lease of life. They have also saved thousands of pounds by avoiding the cost of fitting a new kitchen.

But refinishing kitchen cabinet doors is just part of what we do. Here is a sample of other elements of your kitchen that can be brought to life by our kitchen technicians.

Drawer Fronts

When we spray kitchen doors we of course also apply the same finish to drawer fronts. The doors and drawer fronts are removed and taken for painting at our workshop to achieve a great finish and minimise disruption for you.

Cabinet Refinishing

As well as spraying doors at our workshop, our team can also refinish your cabinets themselves in the same colour or a complementary one. This can be restricted to external faces of the cabinets, in which case we mask off the contents so they don’t have to be emptied. Alternatively, we can also paint the inside of the cabinets if you wish, including the shelves.

Open Shelves

Traditional and modern kitchens alike often feature open shelves. These can be painted to match or complement the new finish applied to your cabinets. If these are easy to remove, the refinishing can be done at our workshop along with the doors and drawer fronts.

Workshops, Tiles And Splashbacks

These other elements of your kitchen may also benefit from some attention. We can get them looking like new with ingenious resurfacing processes that work miracles. Along the way, any damage can also be addressed. Restoring these surfaces is much less expensive than replacing them, yet can achieve superb and long lasting results.

Other Elements Of Your Kitchen

So as well as letting us spray kitchen doors to revamp your cabinets, as you can see there are other ways we can help. There’s more, too. You can also access a professional service to address all of these aspects of your kitchen that may be in need of repair or refinishing:

  • White goods.
  • Flooring.
  • Doors, windows and their frames.
  • Radiators.
  • Stone and brickwork.

We Spray Kitchen Doors – Call For A Quote

If you would like to find out more about kitchen cabinet refurbishment click here  To request a quote either call 01603 263842 or click here and fill out a contact form, and one of our Kitchen Technicians will then contact you at your convenience.


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