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Five Benefits of Spraying Kitchen Doors

Five Benefits Of Spraying Kitchen Doors

A Professional Kitchen Cabinet Refurbishment Has A Lot To Offer

From changing the look of your kitchen to adding value to your property, there are some great reasons to consider spraying kitchen doors as an affordable home improvement option. Let’s take a look at the top five reasons why homeowners choose cabinet door refurbishment.

1. Revamp your kitchen

The colour of kitchen cabinet doors has a dramatic impact on the overall look of a kitchen. If yours are no longer on-trend, or just don’t match your design taste, spraying kitchen doors – and drawer fronts of course – goes a long way to bringing your kitchen right up to date.

2. Repair damage

Cabinet doors can take quite a beating over time, suffering from multiple knocks and scrapes. Spraying kitchen doors creates a brilliant opportunity to repair damage as part of the surface preparation process.

At Refinishing Touch, we have all the skills necessary to make scratches, chips and gouges go away. This includes applying specialist fillers that are then sanded to create a smooth surface ready for painting. For wooden doors, we can recreate grain patterns for a seamless blending in of the new finish before applying a hard-wearing lacquer.

3. Save money

The maths work out in favour of spraying kitchen doors rather than replacing them. Even a modest kitchen can have ten or more cupboard doors and at least four drawers. Work out the cost of replacements verses refurbishment (adding labour costs to the price of the doors themselves) and refurbishment comes out as the best value-for-money solution.

4. Get a great result, faster

An alternative to a refurbishment service that professionally resprays your cabinet doors would be to hand-paint them yourself. In our experience, the time it would take to clean, sand, prime and paint by hand would be considerable. There is also the challenge of where to do it: imagine the space required to renovate 20 or so doors at home.

You may also question the quality of the finish that you could achieve at home. Whether brush painting or spraying, without specialist tools, experience and a purpose-designed workshop, it would be incredibly difficult to achieve a professional finish.

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