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Pitfalls of painting your own kitchen – Part 1

Painted kitchens look amazing and don’t really date. Painted kitchens have been around in a variety of colours for hundreds of years.  As a visit to your local National trust property will confirm. There are many pitfalls of painting your own kitchen

Lots of on-line DIY sites make painting your own kitchen seem really easy. In reality, if you’re after a durable result that looks like new and will last for years to come, it may be best to leave it to the professionals.

Here in my opinion are the first 3 reasons why painting your own kitchen is not as simple as you may think and why using the Refinishing Touch might prove to be your best value option.

Pitfalls of painting your own kitchen

Unrealistic Expectations

Any flaws in your doors, drawers or fixed panelling may become more obvious once your paint has dried.

If you have wooden doors with open grain or gaps around a centre panel – this may not be obvious when the doors are natural or stained wood but they are not likely to look totally smooth. It is possible to fill the grain but this can be tricky to get right.

The finished result may not match the end result you had imagined and hoped for.

Not allowing enough time

With your kitchen being the heart of your home, it can be difficult to spend the necessary time to do a thorough job and continue to use your kitchen unhindered.

Painting your kitchen really isn’t a weekend project.

It would take professionals approximately 5 working days, when you do sufficient preparation to achieve a long lasting result.

Not cleaning surfaces thoroughly enough

By their very nature, kitchens tend to be greasy places. No matter how fastidious your usual cleaning routine a really deep clean is required before applying any new coatings to your doors, drawers or fixed panels.

The Refinishing Touch will thoroughly clean, degrease and prepare all your cabinetry, facilitating a long lasting, durable and beautiful finish. See more click here

To be continued…………………….

Pitfalls of painting your own kitchen Shrunk paint on DIY kitchen door

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