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Repair a corner chipped from a ceramic kitchen sink

This isn’t the first time we’ve had call to repair a corner chipped from a ceramic kitchen sink. Especially as ceramic sinks are such a lovely, practical feature to have in both classic and contemporary kitchens.

Ceramic sinks are very heavy for a plumber to manoeuvre into position single handed. Unfortunately the plumber at this installation damaged the sink as he positioned it into the worktop. As the plumber tried to install the sink on his own, he knocked off one of the corners from this ceramic sink.

The plumber did manage to save the piece that had broken away. This enabled our technician to reposition it before repairing the visible join.

Our technician masked the area around the repair, which protected the worktop and the rest of the sink. Once he had protected the area, our technician began to fill the joint.

For repairs of this kind we use specialist fillers. Our technician applies the filler bit by bit, allowing each layer the time to cure before apply the next. He builds up the filler in multiple small layers, until it stands just proud of the damage. The filler is left to cure thoroughly before it is sanded. The filler is then gently sanded back, until it is level with the surrounding area.

The technician applies a bonding agent – specifically designed to promote adhesion on ceramic surfaces, to the immediate area around the repair.

Our technician then applied our specialist resin, to provide a surface over the area of the repair. The technician colour matches the resin on-site. Once they have achieved an acceptable colour match, they apply the new surface using an air brush. They blend and feather the edges achieving a virtually undetectable repair of a corner chipped from a ceramic kitchen sink.

Broken corner from ceramic sink stages
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