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Undetectable repair to school radiator

During my last “lockdown look back” at what our repair specialists have been doing earlier this year, I published before and after photos of a scratched and chipped wooden door carried out for one of the largest housebuilders.

Today I have attached pictures of a repair to a radiator housing in a school, which was in the process of being built. A hole had been wrongly positioned in a panel. As our technician was able to gain access to the back of the panel, we were able to create a secure footing for a body filler by using fibre glass meshing and resin. Our finisher then gradually built up the new surface and using a range of fine sandpapers made it absolutely smooth. From then it was matter of colour matching the new finish so that the repair blended in seamlessly into the remainder of the surface. The results are impressive as can be seen by the pictures. For more information on repairs click here

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