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Incorporating Ace Surfaces Norfolk
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Upcycling – a professional approach!

Basically, up-cycling is the process of re-purposing or re-using something that you might have discarded. It can involve renovating an item you currently use; transforming it into something beautiful that you can fall in love with again. This might be…

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Undetectable repair to school radiator

During my last “lockdown look back” at what our repair specialists have been doing earlier this year, I published before and after photos of a scratched and chipped wooden door carried out for one of the largest housebuilders. Today I…

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Spray Kitchen Doors

We Spray Kitchen Doors And More!

From Cabinet Doors To Splashbacks – The Complete Refinishing Service The service in which we spray kitchen doors is very popular and rightly so. Customers across the country have found it to be an excellent way to give their existing…

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Painting Kitchen Doors

Our Approach To Painting Kitchen Doors

Take A Look At The Refinishing Touch Process If you are looking for a way to revamp your kitchen without the cost of fitting brand new cabinets, there is an alternative. Painting kitchen doors and the fixed panels of your…

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Spraying Kitchen Doors

Five Benefits of Spraying Kitchen Doors

Five Benefits Of Spraying Kitchen Doors A Professional Kitchen Cabinet Refurbishment Has A Lot To Offer From changing the look of your kitchen to adding value to your property, there are some great reasons to consider spraying kitchen doors as…

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Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Painting Kitchen Cabinets: Mistakes To Avoid

Some Tips On Achieving A Good Finish On Kitchen Cabinets Getting an excellent painted finish on cabinet doors is not as easy as it may seem. A look at what some online DIY guides say about painting kitchen cabinets usually…

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Spray Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Time To Spray Paint Kitchen Cabinets In Your Home?

Three Times When A Kitchen Cabinet Refurbishment Makes Sense There are a number of reasons why people choose to spray paint kitchen cabinets through the specialist team at Refinishing Touch. Because it’s a cost effective alternative to fitting a new…

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Kitchen Door Refurbishment

Kitchen Door Refurbishment Service

Do Your Cupboard Doors Let Down Your Kitchen? After all the time, effort and money that goes into installing a fitted kitchen, it’s just the doors that are most visible. It’s no surprise then that anyone looking to give their…

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Kitchen Respraying

Kitchen Respraying: Is DIY An Option?

What It Takes To Respray Kitchen Cabinet Doors To A High Standard DIY blogs and TV programmes often suggest kitchen respraying of cupboard doors and drawer fronts as a way to bring a new look to your home on a…

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Cost of Kitchen Refurbishment

What’s the Cost of Kitchen Refurbishment?

How To Achieve Great Results At Less Cost Refurbishing a kitchen rather than ripping it out and installing a new one makes excellent financial sense. Most fitted kitchen cupboards have years of life left in them. Targeting the refurbishment at…

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Kitchen Cabinet refurbishment - The Refinishing Touch

Kitchen Cabinet Refurbishment

Transform Your Existing Kitchen Are your kitchen units structurally sound but the wrong colour? Perhaps 15 years ago dark oak seemed to be the perfect colour/style selection, but not now. Has daily wear and tear taken its toll on the…

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